From September 14th-22nd and from the 11th-15th November 2013, European and Lebanese street artists and graffiti writers (Tilt, Reso, Katre, Zeus 40, Zepha, MondéKabrit, Phat2, Eps, Fish, M3alim) will be invited to beautify urban public places – Conferences, artistic performances, workshops and debates will take place simultaneously to support the street art project – “GRAFF ME #LEBANON” is a project financed by the European Union and supported by the French Cultural Institute of Lebanon. The objective of this project is to support the emergence of urban culture and to strengthen the presence of arts in public places as they bear witness to the cultural and social changes in our societies. An overarching purpose is the facilitation of dialogue that transcends cultural diversity.

Crédit photo : Big Addict / Faute O Graff

Loïc Mondé is a product of the graffiti culture and has been painting in the streets of his hometown Toulouse for the past 15 years. He’s making his those public spaces in order to promote his name and showcase his works to the masses.